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Quality products, dedicated to you

The core focus of customers is the quality of buses, which is also the foundation to achieve the operating income. With consummate manufacturing processes and state-of-the-art technologies, Yutong has realized the perfect combination of safety, reliability, comfort, energy-efficiency and environment friendliness so as to manufacture quality buses for you with heart and soul.

Advanced technologies improve the performance of buses

Every year, four percent of the company’s annual turnover is put into the research of state-of-the-art technologies of buses. Yutong not only established the first post-doctoral workstation, state-level technical center and experimental center in China’s bus industry, but also possesses a professional R&D team of over 1,000 people who have advanced concepts of bus development so as to guide the design of bus products with science and technology.

Application of multiple technologies creates quality buses

For customers, the value of technology is to apply it on products and bring actual benefits. Relying on its own R&D capability of bus technologies, Yutong also actively introduced a number of the world’s advanced technical applications. Through repeated research and tests, Yutong can help you improve your operational efficiency and manufacture high-quality buses for you.



Fuel Efficiency


Rollover Test

Yutong has conducted rollover tests many times with the tilt angle reaching 42°(national standard is 35°). The deformation after rolling was very small and the bus could still run after the rollover test. It has met the European standards, which not only provides a safety guarantee for the operator, but also enhances the reputation in the minds of customers.

Thermal management system of engine

The thermal management system of engine self-developed by Yutong can cut the fuel consumption of buses by 5-10%. Meanwhile, it can also reduce the engine friction and cut the exhaust emission.

Crash test

Yutong is the first one in China’s bus industry to conduct the crash test. The vehicle had minimal deformation after the crash test, and the driver still had enough space for survival without being trapped.


The Rectrl technology self-developed by Yutong realizes the combination of electrification and intelligentization, greatly improving the work efficiency and reducing the fuel consumption by 30%. The sensitive control of Rectrl and comfort of the seat also allow the driver to feel more relaxed.

Reliable and durable




All-terrain road simulation test for chassis

Yutong firstly introduced the all-terrain road simulation test rig for chassis to China. Through simulating the running situation of solid buses, it can perform different driving actions such as wheel run-out, steering, braking, etc. The 6-freedom all-condition simulation of wheels can verify the reliability of the chassis framework, axles, leaf springs, air bags, shock absorbers, anti-roll bars and so on.

Research on ergonomics

Yutong has set up multiple test models to study the driver comfort, fields of vision, maneuverability, body & thigh spaces, etc. in a bid to improve the performance of vehicles from the perspective of the driver and enhance the operating quality.

Road simulation test for whole vehicles

Before a new bus model is put into mass production, Yutong will carry out a series of destructive tests simulating real road conditions in order to greatly improve the reliability of the vehicle and further reduce the maintenance costs.

Research on the A/C performance

By applying CFD technology, Yutong simulated and calculated the flow field of the air duct of bus air conditioner. The modification of six big items has made the temperature throughout the internal bus more even, thus providing a more comfortable environment for passengers.

Electrocoating Technique

Yutong’s state-of-the-art electrocoating technique greatly improves the anti-corrosion performance and long-lasting beauty of buses. Designed and commissioned by the world-renowned Dürr company of Germany, the electrocoating line for bus bodies has reached the internationally advanced level in terms of manufacturing process and facilities and taken a lead respecting the scale and production capacity.

Research on noise

By using the same test rig for materials of the Shenzhou V spacecraft, Yutong has taken corresponding improvement measures to reduce the noises inside and outside of the vehicle to the minimum and upgrade the passenger transportation service.

pic11By using the same test rig for materials of the Shenzhou V spacecraft, Yutong has taken corresponding improvement measures to reduce the noises inside and outside of the vehicle to the minimum and upgrade the passenger transportation service.